Do you ever have deals?

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What are you doing about Covid-19?

With photography its very easy to social distance. The cameras and lens we use allow us to be 6+ feet away and still get the images we want.

If we have to get any closer we will ask permission beforehand and will take all the necessary precautions outlined by the CDC.

If you are running a fever or feel sick please reschedule! We have 4 children at home and their safety is our number one priority. 

What do i wear to the shoot?

With family and couple photo shoots we ask that you wear what you feel complements you're individual style!

Its important to us that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and wearing stiff clothing that you don't like will show in the final image.

Wear colors that compliment each other. Natural earth tones especially translate well in camera since a lot of our style of shooting involves nature as scenery.

Try to balance out textures so you are all not wearing the same pattern.

If you are unsure what to wear we are more than happy to help pick your outfits!

Maternity shoots we want to talk with you about your specific outfits beforehand.

What do I bring to the shoot?

You are more than welcome to bring any thing from home you would like to take a picture with. 

We are always up for trying something new and if it doesn't work out then we just wont use the picture. The joy of modern technology is that we aren't wasting film and money by taking as many pictures as we want.

More important is what we DON'T want you to bring! We ask that you leave things you normally carry around in your car such as hats, water bottles, sunglasses, purses, strollers, backpacks and things like that.

We are constantly moving around when we shoot so having to pick everything up and set it down out of frame takes up times we could be spending working on getting the perfect shot.

Phones, wallets, and keys in pockets in particular will create unflattering bulges so we ask that you lock these in your car and we are more than happy to hold onto your keys for you during the shoot.

How do I pay the deposit?

At this time we do NOT accept cards or paypal.

We DO accept: Venmo, Apple pay, Google pay, cashapp, cash, and check.

When is the full amount due?

With one hour shoots the full amount is due when we meet for your session.

Wedding funds are due 30 days before the wedding day.

What is your cancelation policy?

The deposit is nonrefundable on all shoots. When we receive your deposit we block out the time you choose for your shoot so that no one else can book then.

You are able to cancel one hour photo shoots any time before the day of the shoot although we ask that you reschedule instead. 

Weddings must cancel 30 days before the wedding day.

Can we shoot in Cades Cove?

At this time we are not licensed to shoot in Smoky Mountain National park but it is something we want to offer in the near future!

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes! Absolutely! Contact us to talk about our destination discount!

How long does it take before I receive my finished photos?

It depends on how many projects we are currently editing, but our turn around time is faster than most photographers since we both edit the same way we are able to double our editing speed.

Sometimes we have multiple weddings in a single weekend and we edit in the order of date taken.

For hour long shoots we can deliver your photos within 7 to 14 days at the latest.

Weddings can take up to 3  to 4  weeks.

We know how excited you are to see the finished product so we strive to get them to you as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.

What happens in the circumstance of inclement weather?

We reschedule for another time at your earliest convenience.

What happens if it snows?

We shoot!

Snow is Ryan's favorite weather to shoot in and it only snows once or twice a year in east TN so take advantage of it!

Can I print my photos somewhere other than your website?

Once you download your photos from your gallery you can do what you want with them! (aside from selling them, of course)

However we have done extensive research and testing and have found that the photo lab we partnered with to print from our website is above and beyond the quality you will get from your local Wal-mart or CVS.

It is more expensive to print from our website but its the same reason you choose us instead of your cousin with their $200 "professional" camera. Its about quality.

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