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Hello my name is Ryan Hull,

I grew up an AirForce brat, living in Germany, England, and Texas before settling down in East TN.

I spent over 10 years as a hair stylist at an Avada salon before I started my photography business. In my spare time I enjoy all things science fiction and anything nerdy from video games to Doctor Who, and even hosted a nerd themed podcast for over 2 years. My family loves to hike and we spend as much time outdoors as the weather permits, usually in the Smokey Mountains somewhere.

I borrowed my wifes Canon EOS1 camera in December of 2017 and within a month bought a Canon 80D. I have been utterly obsessed with photography ever since. In 2019 we both made the switch to professional Sony cameras.

My favorite thing to photograph is emotions. Candid photos of children reacting to life and the wonders surrounding them, gives me the most joy. This is also the reason I gravitated towards wedding photography. 

Being a father of four amazing children, whom are my main models and inspiration, I readily welcome families of all shapes and sizes.

Hi everyone, My name is Emily Hull.

If you know anything about me you probably know that I am super nostalgic. I remember crazy details about every event and phase in my life, and love reminiscing on how things have fallen into place or the people I have crossed paths with. I think that is a big reason I have always been interested in photography. I love being able to capture moments throughout my life and physically be able to look at them. 

I had a camera for several years, and I never took the time to learn how to get off of auto until I met Ryan. He has tons of patience and is so eager to learn new things, so he has been the best teacher I could ask for.

Since I have learned how to use my camera, I have had so much joy capturing the lives of our children as they change. Every missing tooth, birthday celebration, and just daily lives. Now, I am so thankful that I get to do that for other people and families as a job along side my husband. Capturing your love on camera with the person I love the most is just the coolest thing I could ever imagine doing for my community! 

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Our gear list for all you nerds:

Main cameras: Sony A7III

Portrait lens: Sony 85mm f/1.8

Zoom lens: Sony GM 70-200mm f/2.8

Wide angle zoom lens: Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8

Wide angle lens: Sony GM 24mm f/1.4

On camera flash: Godox V860IIS

Off camera Flash: Impact Cruiser 500Ws

Film Camera:  Mamiya C330 with 80mm f/2.8

Camera Backpack: Lowpro Flipside 300

Shoulder Bag: Peak Design Every Day Messenger 13" Version 1

Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

PC: Custom built Windows PC (if you nerds really wanna know ask me about it)

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